Shipping Rates: 1 to 2 lbs. $8.00.         3 to 6 lbs. $17.50.        9 to 10 lbs. $20.00


Espresso Blend - Our own secret recipe. Formulated specifically for espresso machines. Smooth & Rich .  


Decaf  Espresso Blend - Same great taste without the BUZZ.

Decaf Espresso

Dark Columbian -  rich and aromatic, with a sweet, zesty taste. Brims with depth and resonance.

Dark Columbian

Dark Guatemalan - Lively, full of gusto, yet perfectly balanced with a spicy, subtle smoky flavor.

Dark Guatemalan

Sumatra - Full bodied medium roast. Smooth and flavorful, with a hint of nuttiness.


Mexican  - Light bodied, with a delicate acidity and well balanced flavor.


Costa Rican - Clean  sharp flavor, well rounded and sweetly smooth.

Costa Rican

Ethiopian - Full of deep floral characteristics with a hint of unsweetened chocolate in the finish.


Java Jane - Our "full city" blend. A rich combination of sweet earthiness and subtle buttery nut characteristics.

Java Jane

Redmond Slough - Well balanced blend combining both  medium and dark roasts.

Redmond Slough

Monka- The roasters favorite. Buttery and nutty flavors permeate with rich spicy tones creating a superb balance.


Italian Roast - Dark and bold, rich and spicy with a hint of smokiness in the finish.

Italian Roast


 FRENCH ROAST- Bitter chocolate coloring yet smooth to the taste

French Roast

Brazilian - Full city roast , full body and low acidity


 Decaf Dark Colombian- Same rich flavor without the buzz

Decaf Dark Columbian

Medium Decaf - A great after dinner cup, light with winey finish

Medium Decaf

Decaf House Blend - The perfect blend to end your day

Decaf House Blend